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The thermal treatment of municipal waste at the Celje District Heating Plant represents the final phase of waste treatment which is previously being processed and prepared at the Celje Regional Waste Treatment Centre.

The Thermal Treatment of Municipal Waste subproject – the Celje District Heating Plant is part of the broader project of The Celje Waste Treatment Centre, Phase II – the Mechanical, Biological and Thermal Treatment of Municipal Waste.
This project is an integral part of the Celje Regional Waste Treatment Centre, the comprehensive management of waste treatment in 24 municipalities of the Savinja region.

The detailed information you can read here (pdf format)

The planned technological process enables energy utilisation (the production of heat and electrical energy) from a light fraction of municipal wastes following separate collection.

This light fraction, made up of paper, cardboard, plastic, foils, textile and wood is initially to be processed in the mechanical and biological treatment system and, along with the sludge from the Central Waste Treatment, represents the energy source of the Celje District Heating Plant.

The main reasons for the construction of the Celje District Heating Plant are:

- reuse of waste to cover part of the energy needs in the City of Celje,
- meeting the strict requirements regarding the biodegradable carbon content in waste disposed of in the landfill for non-hazardous waste after 2008 and 
- sludge disposal generated in the Celje Central Waste Treatment Plant.

The aim of the investment is to reduce the negative effects on the environment – in addition to the utilisation of energy from previously treated waste, the sludge incineration will substantially reduce the volume and utilise the energy contained therein, as well as sterilising it.


This project is partially financed by the European Union


This project is partially financed by the Republic of Slovenia


This project contributes to the reduction of economic and social disparities between the citizens of the European Union


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